Editor-in-Chief: Hayden W. Daniel '19


Hayden hails from Southaven, Mississippi and came to W&L to pursue a major in European history and a double-minor in Philosophy and Classics. Since joining the staff, his articles have had a significant impact on campus policy made most visible by the preservation of the name "duPont Hall" over the entrance to the new CGL.





Futch Forum Director: Nathan J. Richendollar '19


Mr. Richendollar is an Economics and Politics double-major hoping to either attend law school or pursue a private-sector career defending conservative ideals upon graduation, whether in politics or journalism. A proud Michigan native, he enjoys traveling the country in search of rare salamanders, his greatest passion in life. Nathan represents the 'classical liberal' or libertarian wing of The W&L Spectator, though he has a prominent conservative streak. Nathan maintains his own blog and enjoys watching college football when he's not in the wilderness.


Business Manager: Jacob Flood '21


Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Flood joined the staff his freshman year at W&L, and manages the organization's finances.


Diversity Compliance Officer || Photographer: Symon Islam Yeal '19

Mr. Islam hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a Mathematics major and Film Studies minor. He is slowly adjusting to life in the United States after four years here. He has a passion for movies and music, and strives to make sure The W&L Spectator is representative of the diverse student body here at W&L.


Chief Strategist: W. Benjamin Whedon '18

Ben has been on The W&L Spectator staff since his freshman year, serving in a wide range of capacities.  He has served in several capacities for a period of two years writing articles, planning issues, and bringing several speakers. He now serves as the Chief Strategist helping to shape the creative and political agenda of the publication. His articles have frequently been the subject of intense debate and controversy as he has never had much reserve. Ben is a native of Wilmington, North Carolina and came to W&L to pursue his studies in Accounting, European History, and Music.


Senior Adviser: Benjamin Gee '18

The former Editor-in-Chief, Ben Gee held this position for two years before stepping down and has been with The W&L Spectator since his freshman year. His tenure was marked by several major controversies on campus though his own writings tend to remain reserved. He remains on staff as a writer and policy advocate. Mr. Gee is also President of the Shakespeare Society, a Resident Advisor, and a somewhat lapsed member of Sigma Nu fraternity.