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— Robert E. Lee
Spectator Spotlight: Chaz Haywood

Spectator Spotlight: Chaz Haywood

Douglas Ciampi ('19)-

This past November, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (‘77L) announced that he will not be seeking a fourteenth term in the United States House of Representatives. In the wake of this announcement, a whopping eight Republican candidates have risen up to seek their party nomination for his seat. Given the past voting trends of the 6th congressional district, it is quite likely that the victor of the Republican primary will end up being the district’s new representative. Ballotopedia rates the district as “safely Republican.” However, there will be no open primary for voters to participate in, rather there will be a convention held in May at James Madison University, where delegates from the district will vote on who the Republican Party will put on the ballot.

The declared Republican candidates so far are:

Ben Cline

Cynthia Dunbar

Mike Desjadon

Chaz Haywood

Ed Justo

Kathryn Lewis

Elliot Pope

Douglas Wright

A further two democrats, Sergio Coppola and Peter Volosin have declared in addition to the independents Michael Frend, and I kid you not “Steve America” (a current member of the Elkton Town Council).

Given the obvious relevance this race has to Lexington, we have decided to attempt to do profiles on as many of these individuals as we can, starting with Chaz Haywood.

The W&L Spectator does not endorse any single candidate or party.

Mr. Haywood is a nine-year veteran of the Armed Forces, a James Madison University graduate, and previously worked for Rep. Bob Goodlatte and Sen. George Allen before assuming charge of the Rockingham County Circuit Court clerk’s office.

Several members of the Spectator had the opportunity to meet with Chaz in Lexington to learn more about what he is hoping to bring to the valley. As his website states, he is seeking office to create a government that “works for us and with us” and wants to see government “run like a business - efficiently, fairly, honestly and transparently.”

His opening remarks touched heavily on religious convictions and how those will guide him moving forward in his career. He also spoke on the importance of bringing more technical education opportunities to the 6th district, and that he believes “The more we can get Internet out into these rural counties, the more job opportunities will open up.”

On the matter of gun control, he was very straight forward in saying that “You have rights no one should be infringing.” He vocally supported the policies of campus carry, and believes that we “absolutely” need national reciprocity for concealed weapons permits.

Given the stances of other members of his party, he holds relatively relaxed views on immigration. The most important thing for him is that “We know what the rules are and we follow them.” He believes that as a contingent of remaining in the United States, DACA recipients should be non-felons and high school graduates. He believes though that “We need to know who is coming in and what they are doing.” He disagrees with birthright citizenship, and believes that merely being born within the nation should not guarantee citizenship.

There is a debate currently scheduled between Mr. Haywood and several others running for the nomination that will be held on February 17th, at Liberty University.

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