“We have but one rule - that every student must be a gentleman.”
— Robert E. Lee
Satirical Spectator

Satirical Spectator

by Andrew Fox

W&L Fitness Center Dress Code almost as Outdated, Cruel as W&L Fitness Center Playlist

           A recent burst of gender-bias outrage has triggered cries for reform of the W&L Fitness center dress code, cries that would reach many more ears were they not drowned out by the sound of Justin Bieber’s dancehall-pop hit “Sorry” being blasted on the speakers for the thousandth time this week. Indeed, the oppression enforced by an archaic, tone-deaf dress code pales in comparison to the soul-crushing barrage of top-40 hits on the first disc of the NOW That’s What I Call Music 56 CD-rom. “You know I’d be a bit more upset about this whole dress code debacle,” said senior Simone Gruber,” but this is like the fifth time today that I’ve heard “Hands to Myself” during my workout.”  

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General Opinion

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